From Germany With Love

immersive performance

place – big stage
duration – 1 hour 45 minutes without intermission

Original Authors: Andre Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft

Have you ever heard of the town called Senftenberg? Don’t worry if you haven’t, after practicing several times, you will be able to pronounce its name correctly. Moreover, thanks to Lesya Ukrainka Theater you have a chance to discover for yourself this small town situated between Dresden and Berlin. The citizens of Senftenberg have sent you a parcel filled with prints of their lives in Brandenburg, one of the federal states in Germany where a large coal basin is situated.

When you unpack this parcel, you’ll meet a young woman who had moved to Australia to become a baker, but then she returned to Senftenberg to open the best bakery in the town. You will also see an old man who once was a chief of the mine and now he is a leader of the miners’ choir, all members of which are over 80 years old. Maybe you will be lucky enough to listen to one of their favorite songs. You will meet two very bright 10 years old boys, a social worker, a young mother, a local teacher and many others. You will taste the food the people of Senftenberg like to eat, and finally, we hope, you will get to know a part of their life – the traces of sorrows and joys of people from a small town 1,500 kilometers away from us. And perhaps the distance in terms of geography won’t be that important.

Assistant of Authors – Svitlana Iliuk
Production manager – Maria Antonyak
Project managers: Oksana Danchuk, Viktoriya Shvydko
Stage lighting: Viktoriya Romanchuk, Artur Temchenko
Sound setting: Volodymyr Pomirko, Ostap Shuper
Stage Technicians: Vladyslav Bilonenko, Oleh Zherebetskyi, Serhiy Lytvynenko
Props – Marta Bozhyk
Decorators – Nataliya Lisnycha, Iryna Polyanska
Designer – Olena Konoval

Premiere – February 1, 2020

“From Germany With Love” – is the first part of the International theatrical project “Borderlands-Identity-Diversity-Community: now, before and after”. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Lesia Ukrainka Theatre (Lviv, Ukraine), Theatre Neue Buhne (Senftenberg, Germany) and theatrical group Futur 3 (Cologne, Germany). The purposes of cooperation include intercultural communication, exchange of experiences and establishing new forms of communication through theatrical co-productions. Two more co-productions will be created during 2020-2021. The project is being implemented with the support of the Dopelpas Foundation /Fond DoppelPass (GE).