Season 23/24 Teatr Lesi

The here and now are the most unreferenced but the most accurate coordinates for today. This is a state of mind. This is a way to keep standing and to withstand.

No, it’s not about there is nothing but this moment. «The here and now» we try to ground ourselves to take another step towards our «tomorrow».

We are those who believe, fight, donate, shoot, hide in bomb shelters, lose, continue to believe, hate, love, care, grieve, but continue to believe every day.

We are those who work in the theater and know how to talk about the sublime in simple manner; we are those who find it harder every day to choose the right words and forms to keep this conversation going — among ourselves as well as with those who come to us.

But we’ll keep talking about war and feelings, ecology and genocide, loss and justice, human rights and love.

The here and now, when it is difficult to find a foothold, we’ll be looking for common ground to hold on to each other.

In the twentieth century famous theologians preached: «Dream big!». In the twenty-first century famous managers recommend agile principles to achieve more. Today we are pressing firmly into the ground under our feet, doing breathing exercises to regain at least some balance, and moving step by step from the fragile «the here and now» to the great «tomorrow».

We are people of strong will. Three hundred years ago, yesterday, tomorrow, and especially here and now.

Last season, we kept ourselves in shape and looked for forms of support. It wasn’t easy, but it made us stronger, even if we were more exhausted. This season we intend to continue looking for a mutual understanding, creating more common space, describing and speaking out loud our experiences of war, sharing practices of balancing ourselves, and discovering more about ourselves and our predecessors, who are the resource that encourages us to create the possibility of a free tomorrow, even if it is hard to believe in it here and now.

We take a deep breath and continue to create — the theater, ourselves, the country. Despite everything and for the sake of a common great victory.

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