2021/22: season without fear

We lived through and transformed the season #becarefulfragile. What did we realize? It turned out that fragility is not about us. External influences cannot destroy our integrity or affect our determination.

Under the influence of adverse circumstances, we do not crack, do not break down, do not lose shape (and content). 4 premieres of performances, 4 performative readings, 1 Lesya’s Theater School, 2 bushes and 4 trees, an updated small stage, many wonderful partners and colleagues. All this – in parallel with 3 lockdowns and numerous forced pauses due to Covid-19.

We hope that this acquired or manifested resilience will become our core in the next season, as we have prepared another bunch of challenges, first of all – challenging ourselves.

Are we afraid? Yes, we are. Unfortunately, this word and feeling did not remain in the past season 18/19 “Fear. Teasing. Emancipation”. And we have no hope of getting rid of him in the forthcoming 21/22 season. We want to master it, to understand it, to accept it.

What fears do we have as a team? They are a fear of inaction, a fear of responsibility, a fear of mistakes, a fear of rejection, a fear of exhaustion and a fear of inexhaustibility.

The scariest thing, however, is an empty theater. During the long lockdown, after the performance, when everyone suddenly has gone away, when the halls are empty and the offices are quiet, when the stage is dark.

We will stay here. There will be no emptiness. We will be happy if you stay with us.

Then the fear will not take over. Then it will be just one of the motivators to work on 2 international co-productions, documentary projects, performances for adults and children as well as to develop Lesya’s Theater School, to involve partners, to teach students, to go on business trips and festivals, to take care of plants, to play football every Monday and to play Ping-Pong during our lunch breaks.

You’ll find us here. And we will start a #seasonwithoutfear.