Season 2022/23: To be in shape

In 2020, throughout our season under the tag line #becarefulfragile, we’ve
accepted the fact that the world is fragile (decisively), but nevertheless we do not
crack, do not break, do not lose our shape (and meaning). At that time once again we’ve
got confirmation that culture is our powerful weapon which can be used to save and to

In 2021 we thought that the worst thing that could happen would be empty halls,
silent offices and the dark stage. That’s why we decided to stay and not let it happen
under any circumstances — despite all fears. And it was #seasonwithoutfear.

In February 2022 we faced the greatest fears: loss of family and friends, loss of
home, loss of the motherland. But, despite everything, we remain here and stand our

Because when your fragile world is being shelled, bombed and wiped off the face
of the earth, someone has to defend, and someone has to give shelter and to save.
To be in shape like the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the medics or the rescuers
means to defend borders: of country, of body, of life.
To be in shape while acting in the rear means to give shelter and every day
to help those who have defended and keep defending our borders.

«To be in shape» is the slogan of the new season of Lesya Ukrainka Theater.
We will keep the shape of each other and those who are around us — on the stage,
in the theatre hall, in the dressing rooms and in the offices.

We will volunteer and donate for thermal imagers, shovels, quadcopters and even
Bayraktars. We will welcome our internally displaced colleagues to restore their
professional shape on our stage.

And we will look for the new shapes of theater to witness, to reflect and to
remember. We’ll rejoice at the good news and mourn the worst of them.
We will conduct anti-anxiety trainings to keep the body in good shape and the
head clear in order #tobeinshape — here and now, until the victory.