Lesya’s Theater is made up of a spaces. The Stage, the booth, the foyer, the offices, the corridors, the dressing rooms, the galleries, the workshops, the balconies and the cleaning storages with brooms.

Lesya’s Theater is made up of people who fill the spaces. Men and women. Regardless of age, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

Lesya’s Theater is made up of questions, the answers to which these people are looking for. Relevant and eternal, universal and narrow, personal and current, closed-ended and open-ended. The most important thing is the desire to ask.

This theater had its ups and downs. If you try to list all its names, it will take a big long paragraph. We are not going to do that now. And it’s not because we simply want to forget them. On the contrary it is important for us to remember them. Still it is also obvious to us that we’re right here and right now. And right now we are Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Academic Drama Theater. And every word in this long title has its own sense to us.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the city that unites us. Generations of artists and intellectuals who have worked and who are working here today altogether have created a favorable environment that inspires and encourages creativity in an honest and responsible way.


The “academic” status, which we gained in 2017, is considered both as an award for past achievements and as an advance for the future ones. We are closer to the definition of the academy in a sense of Plato’s “olive grove” – a favorable and safe environment for creativity; a space where experiments and even mistakes are perceived without hostility and condemnation, where the debutants are welcomed and the classics are reconsidered/criticized.


Among the variety of modern theater genres, we are still focused on drama. More precisely – the emphasis is on the text. For us, Shakespeare’s words are as important and interesting as your thoughts or, for example, thoughts of miners from Dobropillya.

Lesya Ukrainka

For us Lesia Ukrainka is not a random bronze monument. Without exaggeration, she represents an absolutely relevant role model for modern Ukrainians both men and women. Her artistic and intellectual heritage inspires us to “keep our backs straight” and every time to take a critical position of effective potential. We choose the words of her contemporary and friend Olga Kobylyanska – # bethegoalyourself – as a long-term task for all of us.

What does it mean to “be the goal yourself“? For us it means to be reliable partners, to be responsible and to be honest with ourselves and with our colleagues.
Be the goal yourself means striving for more. Every day we motivate ourselves to do a bit more so that the Lesya’s Theater, which unites you and me, can become better. We want our Theater to become more interesting, smarter, more comfortable, more beautiful – so it can make us a better too.

Theater is a collaborative form of art. That means it’s strong and weak at the same time. To become stronger, it is important for us to create such an atmosphere for team members, where everyone has the right to express his or her aspirations and to get the opportunity to implement them – not only as an actOr, but also as an Actor. Because we are convinced that the theater should not serve interests or the ambitions of some authoritarian leader. For us, the theater is an independent art created by independent people.

We want to talk about the modern and relevant things, about the “right here and right now”, about the things which can make you feel involved. Because in a broader sense, theater means people: those who speak and those who listen to, and moreover – the way they affect each other.