Baba Prisya


Based on the play by Pavlo Arie

Place — big stage

Duration — 2 hours without intermission

Age limit — 18+

Director — Oleksiy Kravchuk, the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine

Scenography, video projection — Oleksiy Khoroshko

Lighting designers — Viktoriya Romanchuk, Artur Temchenko

Sound engineers — Ostap Shuper, Volodymyr Pomirko

Production manager — Maria Antonyak 

Props — Marta Bozhyk

Costumiers — Halyna Hladun, Diana Yanchuk

Stage Technicians — Vladyslav Bilonenko, Oleh Zherebetskyi, Rostyslav Kolachnyk, Serhiy Lytvynenko

Assistant Director — Svitlana Iliuk

PR — Viktoriya Solovyuk

Chief Administrator — Iryna Chanyzh


Baba Prisya — Oleh Stefan, the Laureate of Taras Shevchenko National Prize, the Honored Artist of Ukraine

Vovchyk, Father — Vasyl Sydorko; 

Slava — Zoryana Dybovska; Anna Yepatko

District police officer — Serhiy Lytvynenko

Mermaids-radio-Liberty — Sofiya Leshyshak, Oksana Tsymbalist

Everyone knows for sure that ordinary elderly woman whom we used to gently call «granny». Granny bakes the most delicious cookies, knits the warmest socks, sends the homemade wine or pickles, every time she meets you she persistently tries to give you a couple of Hryvnias even though your salary is five times higher than her pension. Her words are warm, her hands are gentle.

Photos: Volodymyr Holovatyi

And at the same time there is an elderly woman whom we strictly call «baba» (formal English only: grandmother). Baba sets traps for wildfowl, she makes medicine of mushrooms and herbs (let’s be honest- she often uses this «treatment» for her own entertainment), she perfectly knows all the secret paths through the wetlands. She may easily give a kick to her grandson for breaking an order or for eating her condensed milk; she may stub 12 Germans during the war on her own and she may definitely dare to compete the death. She knows exactly what belongs to her and won’t ever give up it no matter who stands in her way: a local police officer or Mykhail Gorbachov.

So don’t upset or disappoint the grannies, because no one will escape from the baba’s anger.

Premiere — January 20, 2015