The Imaginary Routes Through Lviv

immersive performance

Place — Gallery of Scenography

Performance for 10 spectators

Duration — 1 hour

Original Author and Playwright — Viktoriya Myronyuk

Texts — Viktoriya Myronyuk and Performers

Performers — Anna Yepatko and Sofiya Leshyshak; Anastasiya Lisovska and Isabel Merkulova;

Scenography — Viktoriya Myronyuk

Sound Studies — Ostap Manulyak

Voice Teacher — Mukola Telyuk

Sound engineer — Volodymyr Pomirko

Media Animation — Oleksiy Khoroshko

Costume Style Idea — Viktoriya Myronyuk and Iryna Polyanska

Costume Designer — Iryna Polyanska

Imagine the past, the present and the future city of Lviv shown on a surface covered with sand: the way its history along with history of its citizens flows among the shores of river Poltva. What can the story of the invisible river tell about us; what myths/stories do we associate with it and what is hidden from view? And, finally, where will its underground water flows take us to?

The imaginary routes through Lviv represents itself an intimate performance which explores the intersections of Lviv’s history and urban associations through the play in sand. The river sand of Poltva and the images painted on it will become the starting points of the fantasy journey of the participants who will dive into the imaginary world of Lviv through the water or rather its absence.

Appealing to the medieval genres of itinerarium (detailed pilgrimage texts and illustrations) together with the mystery plays, «The imaginary routes through Lviv» performance at the same time modifies these genres focusing on contemporary issues of urban ecology, local community history and the dis / utopian future. In addition, on contrary to the ancient times, the female leaders in this sand ritual will be represented by two sorceresses, who will reveal not only the secrets of the city and its groundwater, but also they will open minds and memories of those who’ll be present at the action and will follow the direction of Poltva river and its tributaries.

The texts of the performance include: a poem by Deborah Vogel translated by Yurko Prokhasko, the excerpts from dialogues from the play «Svatannia na Honcharivtsi» (Matchmaking at Honcharivka) by Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, an excerpt from Richard Wagner’s opera «Lohengrin».

The performance is made with the support of Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

Premiere —  December, 20, 2019