The war that changed Rondo

a performance for children and their parents

Based on the eponymous book written by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv

Director — Andre Erlen

Scenography and costumes — Mikhaela Mukhina

Music — Jorg Ritzenhof

Text adaptation — Lorenz Gippe

Playwright – Maren Zimonait

Translator — Natalka Snyadanko

Production Manager — Maria Antonyak

Assistant Director — Svitlana Iliuk

Project Manager — Viktoriya Shvydko

Lighting Designers — Yevhen Petrov, Artur Temchenko

Sound Director — Volodymyr Pomirko

Stage Technicians — Vladyslav Bilonenko, Oleh Zherebetskyi, Rostyslav Kolachnyk, Serhiy Lytvynenko

Props — Marta Bozhyk

Decorators — Marta Bozhyk, Solomiya Ortynska

Construction Manager, artist — Serhiy Stolyaruk

Costumiers — Halyna Hladun, Diana Yanchuk

Chief Administrator — Iryna Chanyzh

PR — Viktoriya Solovyuk, Olha Smulska 

Designer — Olena Konoval


Danko — Vasyl Sydorko

Fabian — Anastasiya Lisovska

Star — Isabel Merkulova

Flora — Sofiya Leshyshak

War — Anna Yepatko

R-r-r-rondo. It’s the best place on Earth where flowers have the sweetest scent and the air smells fresh and clean. Rondo is perfect for animal life. And for plants and birds too. Well, and even for people!

Rondo is a home to strange creatures who truly love every corner of it. But even the best place on Earth cannot be saved from bad things. Even Rondo.

Photos: Tetiana Dzhapharova

What should you do when war comes to your cozy city all suddenly? To run away or to fight? To hide or to struggle? Or maybe you just have to ask war to go away, because it has no place here?

How to talk to a child about war? How to explain that War has no home. And it also has no heart.

It’s not that easy. But the strange creatures from Rondo and the story of how War has changed them are very inspiring. Because it is important to stand by each other, to take care of each other and to save the light inside us. This could be the beginning of a hard conversation with a child about all the bad things in the world.

«We’ll stick together».

Premiere — October 20, 2021

The performance is made within the International theatrical project «Borderlands-Identity-Diversity-Community: now, before and after» in cooperation with theatre Neue Buhne (Senftenberg, Germany) and theatrical group Futur 3 (Cologne, Germany) with the support of the Dopelpas Foundation /Fond DoppelPass (GE). The concept of the performance is created by Futur 3 (Cologne). Accompanying translation within the project — Oleksiy Pavlovich.

WARNING! The bright light flashes and sound effects are being used during the performance. This can negatively affect people with medical conditions. Take care of yourself and people around you.