146 stars visible with the naked eye

post-documentary musical

Place — Small stage

Age limit — 18+ 

The «sacred» norm, to which we try our best to conform, increasingly resembles a Procrustean bed, which does not contain the most valuable. Instead, it is full of fears, the biggest of which is the fear of being yourself. Why do we want so badly to squeeze into the hole of the norm, ruthlessly trimming parts that don’t fit? John Paul II once said: the Decalogue did not include one important thesis — do not be afraid! We all are Different. Majority does not exist. The stars light up because thermonuclear fusion is taking place. And it doesn’t matter what people think about it. And when you look at the starry sky, where does your moral compass point? 

Directed by Dmytro Zakhozhenko 

Dramaturg — Oksana Danchuk 

Set designer — Maciej Bogdanovich 

Composers — Vladimir Pomirko, Oksana Tsymbalist 

The author of the lyrics — Volodymyr Beglov 

Costume designers — Ruslan Baginsky and Oksana Pigel 

Actors: Nazar Bonyashchuk, Zoryana Dybovska, Rostislav Kolachnyk, Roman Kryvdyk, Mykhailo Ponzel, Vasyl Sidorko, Oksana Tsymbalist 

Photos: Tetiana Dzhapharova

The play was created in partnership with the Education Center of Human Rights in Lviv grounded on a sociological study of the quality of life of LGBT people in Lviv with the support of the UKF, the Embassy of the Netherlands, the National Democratic Institute and the Government of Sweden 

Premiere — September 8, 2021