The Heroes of Chaos


Place — big stage

Duration — 2 hours 20 minutes with intermission

Age limit — 18+

Director, Set Designer — Dmytro Kostyumynskyi

Playwright — Maksym Maksymchuk

Сhoreographer — Viktor Ruban

Composer — Henadiy Boychenko

Light and video — BLCk BOX

Producer — Veronika Sklyarova

Text authors — Maksym Maksymchuk, Vasyl Sydorko

Production manager — Maria Antonyak

Lighting designers — Viktoriya Romanchuk, Artur Temchenko

Sound engineers — Ostap Shuper, Volodymyr Pomirko

Assistant Director — Svitlana Iliuk

Media equipment support — Vladyslav Bilonenko

Costumiers — Halyna Hladun, Diana Yanchuk

Dressmaker — Tetyana Kalinichenko

Props — Marta Bozhyk

Decorators — Iryna Polyanska, Viktoriya Romanchuk

Construction Manager, artist, carpenting, smithing — Serhiy Stolyaruk

Stage Technicians — Vladyslav Bilonenko, Oleh Zherebetskyi, Rostyslav Kolachnyk, Serhiy Lytvynenko

Chief Administrator — Iryna Chanyzh

PR — Viktoriya Solovyuk, Olha Smulska 

Designer — Olena Konoval

Cast: Mykola Bereza, Vitaliy Hordiyenko, Zoryana Dybovska, Anna Yepatko, Andriy Kravchuk, Roman Kryvdyk, Kateryna Kudlach, Sofiya Leshyshak, Serhiy Lytvynenko, Anastasiya Lisovska, Isabel Merkulova, Vasyl Sydorko, Oksana Tsymbalist

How to become a hero?

To do something outstanding? To create a cancer vaccine? To win an Olympic medal? To neutralize an enemy? To rescue a kitten? To give up your seat on the tram to those in need? To kill another hero?

What type of hero to become?

Main character or secondary one? Real hero or fictional? Personal hero or national symbol? To the very death or posthumously? For an hour? For a day? Until the news feed is updated?How does it feel like to be a hero?

Is it honorable? Is it burdensome? Is it impossible? Is it possible to become, but it is impossible to be?

To become a hero or to remain a human? The dichotomy? The ambivalence?

Where is the place for the hero? It is always vacant.

Photos: Tetiana Dzhapharova

The hero has no age. The hero has no sex. The hero has many names and wears many faces.

The performance «Heroes of Chaos» is a part of the Ukrainian project «Ukrainian Odyssey», which is based on Homer’s poem «Odyssey». Five performances within the framework of this project will be interpreted and integrated into the modern realities of our country. They will be created and performed in Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Kyiv.

The performance was made with the financial support within the program «Focus on Culture» of Lviv City Council.

WARNING! The bright light flashes and sound effects are being used during the performance. This can negatively affect people with medical conditions. Take care of yourself and people around you.

Premiere — December 26, 2020