Philoctetes. Antic rave

By Hainer Muller and Sophocles

Place — Small Stage

Age limit — 18+

How are humans different from apes? Humans go to barber shops, spas, sometimes they visit churches and polling stations. Humans got their FB accounts as well as desire to destroy each other on purpose simply for sport. And most importantly, we can make up stories, tales, myths. For example: a poisonous snake has bitten the war hero’s leg. The rotten wound doesn’t heal and stinks so badly that no one can be around. So the war hero is left on isolated island, where he suffers from physical pain, loneliness and the victim complex. But suddenly everyone realizes: the war can’t be over without him. The hero has to decide whether he’ll stay isolated, or return and

help those who have left him on the island. It’s a tough decision.

«It’s pathetic» — the ancient Greeks would say.

«Personal VS Political» — they would write in the XX century.

«Myths aren’t simple» — your teacher of foreign literature used to say.

«So is the life» — Heiner Müller would add.

«There is no way Heiner Müller can ever be that banal» — the theater experts will say.

«What reasonable could one hope to hear from this commie?» — the nationalists will say.

«What on earth does he even know about the war?» — the veterans will say.

«Well, you should have visited theater more often» — Hades will say while opening the door for you.


Photos: Serhii Danievich

Translator Heiner Muller`s play — Nina Zakhozhenko

Translator Sophocles`s play — Andriy Sodomora

Director — Dmytro Zakhozhenko

Scenography — Oleksiy Khoroshko

Costumes Designers — Maria Antoniak, Oleksiy Khoroshko

Musical Design — Oksana Tsymbalist

Light Designers — Viktoria Romanchuk, Artur Temchenko

Sound engіneers — Volodymyr Pomirko, Ostap Shuper

Premiere — March 1, 2020